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Virtucypion is an intramuscular injection that contains Testosterone Cypionate which is an oil-based injectable steroid, available in 250 mg dosage in the market. It is a synthetic version of the naturally produced testosterone hormone. Virtucypion is a medication used to replace the naturally produced testosterone in men who suffer from low production of testosterone. Low production of testosterone can result in conditions such as erectile dysfunction, enlargement of prostate gland etc.

Virtucypion is a highly anabolic and androgenic hormone that helps in enhancing the size and strength of the body. It promotes the retention of nitrogen in the muscles which helps in storing the proteins for muscle build-up. It also possesses the ability of increasing the activity of satellite cells. These cells repair the damaged muscles in the body. Virtucypion helps in increasing the muscles and reduces the fat content in the body.

Virtucypion is a testosterone-replacement treatment and is the second most popular testosterone variant after Testin. Testosterone is a male sex hormone which plays an important role in the body. It regulates bone mass, muscle mass, and sperm production in men. Therefore, Virtucypion is used to supplement the body with the lack of testosterone. It also increases the red blood cell production which improves the endurance in the body by increased oxygenation in blood.


Virtucypion is used to increase the production of testosterone which is a natural substance that is produced in the body.

It is used for the growth and development of muscles, bones and genitals. It is also used for the normal sexual development in boys.

Virtucypion helps in increasing the strength. Increase in strength may also enhance the performance.

Virtucypion is also used for the treatment of certain types of breast cancers in women.

It is used for the treatment of primary hypogonadism and delayed puberty.

It helps in reducing the growth of cancer in the body.


Virtucypion contains testosterone hormone which improves muscle contraction and neuromuscular transmission by increasing the number of motor neurons in the muscle. It also helps in promoting the synthesis of glycogen which in turn provides fuel for high-level intense workouts. This helps in increasing strength and endurance.

Virtucypion has the ability to burn excess fat in the body through the enhancement of metabolic activity. Virtucypion binds to the androgen receptor which helps in the breakdown of fat which further prevents the formation of new fat cells in the body. It also stimulates the breakdown of ATP and produces more amount of energy to perform activities.

Virtucypion increases the retention of nitrogen in the muscles and also prevents protein synthesis. It increases the mass of red blood cells and reduces the production of cortisol which is a muscle wasting hormone. As Virtucypion possesses a long ester, it has a long half-life and the effects of the steroid remain in the body for a long period of time.


The injectable form of Virtucypion is an oily solution that is given intramuscularly and is available as 250mg dosage.


The recommended dosage of Virtucypion is 250mg for men which is administered intramuscularly once in every two weeks. The dosage may vary depending on the person's requirements and condition. A higher dosage may be recommended for highly advanced athletes or sportsmen to enhance their performance. But, taking higher doses of Virtucypion injections may also increase the number of risk factors.

Virtucypion is used to treat people suffering with low testosterone.It is mostly not recommended to enhance the performance or physique in women due to its strong androgenic nature and the difficulty to control the high blood levels. It is rarely recommended as a secondary medication for women suffering from breast cancer. This injection is recommended when all the other therapies have failed and an immediate suppression of the ovarian function may be necessary.


Take the drug as prescribed by the doctor.

Over dosage of the drug should not be taken as it may be harmful or the patient may experience some kind of side-effects or complications.

The patient should immediately inform the doctor before planning for a surgery, medical or dental care. The doctor should be immediately informed if the patient experiences nausea, vomiting, any kind of allergic reaction at the site of injection etc.

Do not discontinue the use of Virtunandrol unless told by the doctor.

The use of Virtucypion may affect the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and therefore the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients should be monitored.

The patient should inform the doctor in case of numbness, pain at the site of injection, swelling, blood clot, redness etc.

Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco as it may increase the side effects of the drug.

Virtucypion may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke and therefore immediately consult a doctor in case of symptoms such as pain or pressure on the chest, confusion, weakness on one side of the body, poor speech, vision problems etc.


Women should be monitored for signs such as deepening of the voice, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, etc.

The serum cholesterol concentrations should be monitored constantly as the use of Virtucypion injection may alter the serum cholesterol levels in the body.

Patients with a history of myocardial infarction or coronary artery disease should keep a track of the medical condition as they may develop a few complications in case of over dosage of the drug.


The side effects of Virtucypion injections are:

Acne, Pain, Numbness, Change in the color of the skin, Nausea, Vomiting, Depression, Anxiety, Headache, Oily skin, Unusual tiredness, Loss of hair, Redness, Swelling, Shortness of breath, Irregular heartbeats.


In case of an overdose or missed dose of Virtucypion, take the next scheduled dose when you remember. In case the timing is close to the next dose, it is advisable to skip the dose. Do not take two doses at the same time. Inform the doctor before administering the Virtucypion injection as an overdose or missed dose may develop a few complications or may increase the side effects of the drug.


Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should avoid the administering Virtucypion injections as it may cause adverse effects on the baby's health. Inform the doctor before you plan to stop administering the drug.

Elderly people may be more sensitive to the side effects of Virtucypion such as an enlarged prostate gland, prostate cancer etc.

Virtucypion injections are not recommended for children below 12 years of age as this may hamper their bone growth and the overall development of the body.


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